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Empire of Dust Mega Army (2017)

Original price €140,00
Current price €112,00
Stripped of their power and life by the Ophidians and cursed for all time, the Ahmunite empire wages a vengeful war on both the living and dead alike. Fuelled by hatred and compelled by sinister necromancy, the ranks of the Ahmunites march relentlessly across the scorched earth.

This set contains a massive army for Kings of War, including:

20 Hard Plastic and Metal Skeleton Warriors/Spearmen with Command
20 Hard Plastic and Metal Skeleton Archers
10 Hard Plastic and Metal Revenants
10 Plastic Mummies
6 Metal Enslaved Guardians
2 Hard Plastic and Metal Balefire Catapults with Crew
1 Metal Revenant Champion/Army Standard Bearer
Plastic and MDF Square Bases
Mantic Points

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue. Multi-bases not included. Rules for the Empire of Dust can be found in Uncharted Empires.